To complete our approach, we integrate, through our certified and expert partners, alternative tools
which bring original elements in the design of our solutions and enrich your experience. ”

INNOVATION GAMES : agility and creativity focused on the customer

Innovation games are collaborative processes that simultaneously develop vision, team cohesion and action.
Based on the "ideas into action" method, this original and playful approach feeds the innovation process of organizations and improves their performance thanks to a framework of flexible thinking and action: relaxation and concentration.

Why game innovations?
- to better understand customer needs
- to make better strategic decisions and to pivot the business strategy
- to identify the most effective marketing messages and characteristics salable to customers
- to build innovative products and services
- to improve team engagement

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. – Platon

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: Play seriously in collective intelligencee

Method of reflection, communication and problem solving with others and in 3D. With our hands being 80% connected to our brain cells, we think faster and more authentically with them.

We imagine, discover and co-create new opportunities through the power of imagination, storytelling and metaphors.

Why the Lego serious play?
- to quickly lead to real awareness and decisions
- to adapt more quickly to change
- to develop initiatives
- to activate resources and revive the levers of motivation.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” - Albert Einstein

THEATRICAL IMPROVISATION: : emulsion of limitless ideas

Theatrical improvisation, more commonly known as "improvisation", calls upon the various techniques of the dramatic art but also singing and dancing. This technique is based on observing actions, listening to words, letting go and acceptance.

Why improvisation?

- to develop creativity, listening and exchange
- to develop storytelling skills
- to gain empathy towards users
- to overcome the blockers that prevent self-confidence.

To be successful it is not enough to plan, you must also know how to improvise. – Isaac Asimov

YOGA AND BREATHING: to recharge your batteries and facilitate access to our creativity

Yoga aims to unify body and mind through breathing, meditation and physical exercises to bring awareness of the self and the collective.

Why yoga and breathing?

- to develop intuition, empathy and creativity
- to practice positive thinking
- to develop concentration
- to be open to a new point of view

“It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.” – Henri Poincaré

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