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WORKSHOP Innovating through Design Thinking
Personalized workshop according to your needs which allows you to identify your problem and co- construct a tailor-made solution.

Why this workshop?
- To optimize time by working as a team
- To reduce uncertainty within your projects
- To integrate the user into your reflections

Examples of topics covered during our personalized workshops:
- Co-create together the process of integrating a new employee (on boarding).
- How to sustainably boost the team's dynamics when faced with a project?
- Together we create a solution for the company's commercial prospecting process


Duration : From half a day
Number of participants : From 4 people
Terms : Intra and inter
Format : Face-to-face only

WORKSHOP Develop your creativity as a team
Personalized workshop adapted to your team which allows you to experiment with collective intelligence and create the optimal conditions to promote the emergence of innovative solutions.

Why this workshop?

- To nurture a corporate culture focused on innovation
- To optimize the creative intelligence of his team
- To use the tools and methods to develop their creative potential
- To mobilize his creativity and encourage that of his team


Duration : From half a day
Number of participants : From 4 people
Terms : Intra and inter
Format : Face-to-face and remote

WORKSHOP: Let's build your ideal profession thanks to design thinking
Collaborative workshop to move from questioning to action thanks to the design thinking approach.
Together, let's build your ideal job to develop your next steps and to answer the questions: what is my ideal job? and how to get it?

Why this workshop?

- To help you lay the foundations for creating a new profession (inspired by your ikigai, aspirations, frustrations, talents, etc.)
- To co-create together the different characteristics of the profession
- To identify avenues for reflection to continue your search for this new profession
- To visualize professional alternatives in a very experiential and collective way
- To learn from the group's experiences to build your action plan

Workshop in partnership with "Dessine-Moi Un Métier" and in co-animation with Duc Anh Duong


Duration : Two half days
Number of participants : From 4 people
Terms : Inter
Format : Face-to-face and remote

WORKSHOP: Structuring your economic model thanks to the CANVAS BUSINESS MODEL
Workshop to discover and understand the CANVAS BUSINESS MODEL methodology through collective reflection.

Why this workshop?
- To appropriate the method and use it in your projects
- To refine and specify your strategy
- To work on all elements of the BMC: value propositions, customer segments, channels, relationships with customers, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, revenue streams and cost structures.


Duration : From half a day
Number of participants : From 2 people
Terms : Intra and Inter
Format : Face-to-face and remote

SUPPORT SESSIONS (consultancy and accompaniment sessions)
WEJI LAB supports you in the innovation management process and makes its experts available to you to carry out your projects.
This is individual or collective support for a specific need with methods adapted to each problem.
The advantages of the support:

- Is characterized by sustained attention to the needs of participants and the company, to the development of their well-being, and to the quality of projects.
- The support is based on the creativity and skills of the participants.
- Implement an agile approach, which allows the team to evolve and enrich its actions using the resources of its environment.

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